About us

We are the main link between the Isle of Wight and the mainland. Every year, we carry over 4.6 million passengers, making us one of the UK’s largest domestic ferry operators. We provide Island residents with an easy and frequent service to the mainland, as well as giving millions of holidaymakers a taste of Island life.

Crossings take approximately 22 minutes by catamaran and from 40 minutes by car ferry. And we operate three convenient routes and just under 46,000 crossings a year. We are also dedicated to giving excellent customer service and the best facilities on board and at our Terminals.

As most people who travel to and from the Island do so with us, we are truly a part of Island life. We are proud to support IOW communities wherever we can, from sports sponsorship to local regeneration projects. And we offer Isle of Wight residents great value Multilink Pass tickets, making travel to the mainland easy and affordable.

Investing for the future

We are delighted to announce our plans to introduce the most environmentally friendly ferry ever to serve the Isle of Wight with a host of impressive modern features. The new flagship designed and built specifically for the route, with the capacity to carry the equivalent of 178 cars and more than 1,000 people on each crossing, is planned to come into service in 2018.


Wightlink Limited
Registered office:
Wightlink Limited,
Gunwharf Road,
Registered in England No. 1059267.
Certified to the ISM Code by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Company information

Keith Greenfield is a chartered engineer with a background in transport and telecoms and a former Managing Director of Heathrow Express. He brings to Wightlink a strong track record in customer service and safety management.

“As a keen yachtsman and a regular visitor to the Isle of Wight, I’m delighted to be joining Wightlink,” he says. “This is an exciting point in the company’s development as we invest £45million to improve services on our flagship Fishbourne to Portsmouth Gunwharf route. I am looking forward to working with our staff to build a great future for Wightlink Ferries, our customers and the Isle of Wight.”

John Burrows, who was the company’s interim CEO, has now reverted to his former role of Chief Operating Officer.


Every month, the punctuality of departures from all ports will be displayed and updated on this page. All departures are within five minutes of scheduled sailing times.

Sailing performance for February 2017

% of departures within 5 minutes of schedule

Portsmouth (Gunwharf)* – Fishbourne80.7%78.7%
Lymington – Yarmouth98.2%95.7%
Portsmouth Harbour – Ryde Pier Head96.5%97.8%

*Please be aware that departures from Portsmouth Gunwharf may not be representative as some delays to service are outside of Wightlink’s control due to naval movements and harbour closures as deemed necessary by the Queen’s Harbour Master.

Sailing cancellations for February 2017

Weather / OtherWeather / Other
Portsmouth (Gunwharf) – Fishbourne09
Lymington – Yarmouth513
Portsmouth Harbour – Ryde Pier Head29
Total cancellations731
Total planned sailings3,1983,187

Updated 15 March 2017

Should you have any queries or comments regarding our service, then please email feedback@wightlink.co.uk

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customer research is conducted on behalf of Wightlink to assess and to track customers’ satisfaction with a range of aspects of the service we provide.

Surveys are conducted online to both Mainland and Island residents following the completion of their journey.

Research is on-going and is updated four times a year to cover the following periods:

  • 01 January to 30 March
  • 31 March to 13 July
  • 14 July to 31 August
  • 01 September to 31 December

The latest results presented here are for the period 14 July to 31 August 2016

Total surveys sent:


Total respondents:


Customer satisfaction score:


How you rate service

Our questions are quite straightforward. When you give feedback, you are asked to rate our service with five options – excellent, good, OK, poor, or extremely poor.

How we calculate our ratings

Our ratings are calculated on a simple formula:
The Wightlink Customer Satisfaction rating = Number of positive responses / Total number of responses as a percentage.


Should you have any queries or comments about our service, then please email:
feedback@wightlink.co.uk or complete or online form here.

We endeavour to keep our fares at a competitive rate for our customers. The year-on-year price fluctuations for our fixed fares can be found below.

Foot passenger fares

From Gunwharf & LymingtonDay returnReturnSingleEvening Flyer
Child (5-15)£7.10£7.30£9.70£10.00£4.85£5.00£6.10£6.30
Senior (60+)£10.70£11.00£14.60£15.00£7.30£7.50£9.20£9.40

From Portsmouth HarbourDay returnReturnSingleEvening Flyer
Child (5-15)£8.90£9.20£12.20£12.50£6.10£6.25£6.10£6.30
Senior (60+)£13.40£13.80£18.40£18.90£9.20£9.45£9.20£9.40

From Fishbourne & YarmouthDay returnReturnSingleEvening Flyer
Child (5-15)£6.80£7.00£9.70£10.00£4.85£5.00£6.10£6.30
Senior (60+)£10.20£10.50£14.60£15.00£7.30£7.50£9.20£9.40

From Ryde Pier HeadDay returnReturnSingleEvening Flyer
Child (5-15)£6.80£7.00£12.20£12.50£6.10£6.25£6.10£6.30
Senior (60+)£10.20£10.50£18.40£18.90£9.20£9.45£9.20£9.40

Season tickets

Season tickets7 days30 days90 daysAnnual
Child (5-15)£27.60£28.35£99.50£102.00£257.50£264.00£860.00£883.00
Student (18+) £46.80£48.20£169.00£173.00£435.00£449.00
Student (16-18)£27.60£28.35£99.50£102.00£257.50£264.00

Academic Season ticketsAnnual(1 Sep – 31 Jul)


Multilink10 singles20 Singles40 singles60 singles
Child (5-15)£29.50£30.50£57.00£59.00£104.00£106.00£141.00£144.00
Student (18+)£50.50£52.00£96.00£99.00£176.00£180.00£240.00£246.00
Multilink Vehicle max 5.0m x 2.24m, up to 7 pax£250.00£257.00£475.00£488.00£876.00£900.00£1,182.00£1,212.00
Multilink Vehicle max 6.0m x 2.24m, up to 7 pax£324.00£333.00£615.00£632.00£1,146.00£1,176.00£1,545.00£1,584.00
Multilink Motorcycle max 2.0m x 2.24m, up to 2 pax£131.00£134.50£250.00£257.00£470.00£482.00

Wightlink welcomes feedback from customers. There are several ways of getting in touch with us to share your views

Comments, complaints or compliments?

You can fill out our online feedback form and one of our Customer Services team will look into your issues and reply shortly.

Meet the managers

You can come along to talk to our senior managers at one of our regular ‘drop in’ Meet the Managers events

  • More dates will be announced soon

*For events on board our ships please email feedback@wightlink.co.uk to request non-landing foot passenger tickets

Wightlink Customer Forums West and East

If you want to get more involved with your ferry company through regular meetings and other communications, sign up to join one of our Customer Forums. West is for customers who use the Yarmouth-Lymington route, East is for customers who travel Fishbourne or Ryde to Portsmouth. Send an email to and we will add you to our list.

Our project includes activities which fall within the Solent and Southampton Water Special Protection Area (SPA) and Solent and Southampton Water Ramsar Site, which are designated as protected sites under the EU Habitats Directive. The Habitats Regulations 2010 implement the Habitats Directive into UK Law. Under the Habitats Regulations, both local planning authorities, the Marine Management Organisation and the Environment Agency are “competent authorities” and were required to assess the potential effects of the project on the integrity of the protected sites and complete an “Appropriate Assessment” prior to granting the consents necessary for the project for which they were responsible. Having taken advice from Natural England, all the competent authorities concluded that our project would not have an adverse effect on the protected European Sites.

Wightlink, as Harbour Authority at Fishbourne, is also a competent authority for the purposes of the habitats regulations, and the following confirmation that the local authorities, the Marine Management Organisation and the Environment Agency had granted the consents necessary for the project to proceed, we were required to carry out our own appropriate assessment of the project before deciding to implement it. Our appropriate assessments were carried out at an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of Wightlink Limited held on 21 April 2016. The Board also concluded that the project would not have an adverse effect either alone or in combination with other projects on the European Protected Sites ie the SPA and the Ramsar Site. Further to that finding in relation to the appropriate assessment, the Board of Wightlink have decided to implement the project. We expect the port improvement works to be completed by Summer 2017 and our proposed new ‘G’ Class Ferry will arrive in Spring 2018 and will be operational shortly thereafter.

The Board of Directors of Wightlink agreed that the minutes of the Extraordinary Board Meeting would be published on our website and these can be found by following the link below:

Minute of the Board meeting 21 April 2016