Passenger Assistance

Passenger Assistance is for any passenger that may need some extra help to make their journey as smooth and comfortable as possible. This includes passengers with a disability, a medical condition, reduced mobility or travelling with pushchairs.

Tell us what you need

Once you have made your booking, please let us know at least 48 hours before your journey how we can help.

You can book assistance by opening the form below:

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First name
Booking number
Phone number
Do you need a wider lift access parking space on the ship
 Yes - on the right hand side of the car Yes - on the left hand side of the car Yes - the rear of the vehicle No - other request
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We also have a Freephone number for advice and to book Passenger Assistance: 0800 093 8236 (Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm or Sat & Sun: 9am – 6pm).

You should also let our team know when you arrive at the port that you have booked Passenger Assistance.

We will do our best to help with:

  • A wide lift access space by the lift on board, for those with a wheelchair, a mobility problem or travelling with pushchairs.
  • Providing ramps on the ferry, so you can access the deck with a wheelchair or buggy more easily
  • Transportation of specialist equipment that is safe to take on board
  • Assistance dogs are welcome, free of charge, in any of our terminals or on any sailing.
  • Other requests we can reasonably help with
We cannot help with:

  • Transportation of equipment that is not safe to take on board
  • Access that cannot be arranged because of the design of our ships and ports
  • Personal care and assistance that needs training or experience to perform safely. This would include helping a passenger into or maneuvering a wheelchair, helping someone to eat or use the toilet.
  • Requests to stay in the vehicle during the crossing, unless it is unsafe or impossible for you to leave. In this case you must book a lift access space in advance (so we can get to you in an emergency) and you will need authorisation from the captain on the day before you can sail.

If we can’t provide what you need we may ask if you can bring someone with you who can. In this case there will be no additional charge for the person you bring with you, but this must be arranged and agreed by us at least 48 hours before you travel.

Our facilities

All our ports have:

  • Hearing loops
  • Wheelchair loan
  • Disabled toilets
  • Ramp access to the ticket office

All our foot passenger catamarans have:

  • Wheelchair loan
  • Ramps to get on board
  • Wheelchair secure points
  • Priority seating

All our car ferries have:

  • Wheelchair loan
  • Ramps to get on board
  • Lifts to access the passenger lounges
  • Four accessible parking spaces
  • A disabled or ambulatory toilet – the disabled toilet on Wight Sky, Wight Light and Wight Sun is on the car deck and cannot be accessed during the crossing.

Disability Discount

Wightlink offers passengers a disability discount, for more information check offers and discounts