Summer holidays on the beach are what great childhood memories are made of. Beaches are absolutely fantastic for children and adults alike! Sand and pebbles make the best toys, and any child will have hours of fun exploring the wet and wonderful nooks of our coastline. The Isle of Wight is more blessed than most places with beaches and child-friendly beach-based fun – here are a few ideas for family beach days on our wonderful Island:


Scavenger hunts (with fossils!)
There’s no place better than a beach for scavenger hunts. The Isle of Wight has a major edge over most other British locations when it comes to scavenger hunts – our beaches are full of dinosaur fossils! What better way to fire a child’s imagination than with the prospect of finding their very own bit of dinosaur? Beaches like Compton Bay, Whitecliff Bay, and Shanklin are great for family-friendly fossil hunts. What’s more, if you want to take the fossil hunting a bit further, there are plenty of guided fossil walks from Dinosaur Isle taking place on Island beaches throughout the year.


Build sandcastles and pebble towers
Ok, it gets everywhere, and you’ll be finding it all over your house for weeks, but sand remains one of the most fun things a child can play with – they can dig holes, build sandcastles or run races along the beach. If you prefer a pebbly beach children can get an equal amount of enjoyment out of building pebble towers, skimming stones, and generally clambering around on the rocks. The Isle of Wight has a great mix of sandy and pebbly beaches (often not far from each other), so you can take your pick.


Go Paddling
Paddling and swimming in the sea is a great way for kids to enjoy themselves, develop their confidence, and learn a bit about the planet. Children can have a splash in the rock pools and search for crabs, or the more adventurous can dip their toes in the sea –There are lifeguards and flags on the beaches so you know where it’s safe to swim! It’s a brilliant way to cool off on a warm day!