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Highly-targeted advertising opportunities

We’re the largest Isle of Wight car ferry operation with over 4.5 million passengers on board every year. A fleet of six car ferries and two FastCats operate from six ports.

There is an extensive range of highly-targeted, great-value advertising opportunities to promote products or services direct to visitors and Islanders. It’s exclusively focused on an audience that’s committed to travel or more likely already travelling to the Island on board a Wightlink ferry.

The following links provide information about the various opportunities.

Estates and Wightlife magazine

We offer a range of advertising opportunities across our estates and on board our ferries.

We also provide the Island’s essential guide to the Isle of Wight. Wightlife is usually published quarterly with a minimum of 300,000 copies printed and distributed across the year. With the current coronavirus situation, however, Wightlife is available as an online version only, which you can see on our dedicated Wightlife page.

Click the link below for further information on advertising opportunities through our estates and Wightlife magazine.

Advertising on our estate and in Wightlife
Wightlink estate advertising space


Digital advertising opportunities are available through WightlinkTV.

With more than 100 screens situated at our ports and on our ferries, your advert can be seen on one of the largest domestic ferry operators in the UK that carries millions of passengers every year. Production teams are also at hand who can produce your advert if you don’t have your own that’s already made.

Find out more about WightlinkTV
Wightlink onboard TV screen advertising