We're going even greener

New Wightlink ferry announced

With the international climate change summit, COP26, just around the corner, we’re pledging to further reduce our carbon emissions significantly over the next decade.

We’re drawing up specifications for our next new ferry on the Portsmouth – Fishbourne route. With advances in sustainable technology, we’re looking to commission a new ship that will use electric power from batteries to an even greater extent than at present by Victoria of Wight, already the greenest ferry to serve the Isle of Wight.

Although there are still obstacles to overcome, we hope that shore power can be used to charge batteries, meaning full electric operation can become a reality.

Next steps

It takes five years to draw up plans, go out for tenders and build a new ferry to serve the Isle of Wight.

We are already working with our naval architects and technology companies to come up with the best solution to operate ferries with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Our ultimate aim is to operate England’s first all-electric ferry.

Climate leaders

Since 2007, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 33%. Overall, the company has cut carbon emissions by 17% over the four years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During COP26, Wightlink will feature in a UK Government video series about Climate Leaders. Senior Master Captain Sam Mitchell talks about how climate change is changing the world around us and how sustainable technologies, such as hybrid energy, can make a difference. See the video below.

Our environmental commitments

Our commitments to the sea

  • Clear plastics and other debris from the sea, rivers and estuaries at our ports using nets
  • Work with partners to install oyster cages and display boards in Lymington
  • Monitor marine creatures living in our innovative Vertipools (artificial rockpools) at Fishbourne, in co-operation with Artecology
  • Educate customers and local school children about the marine environment with our partners at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust 
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Our commitments to the land

  • Recycle materials as much as possible throughout the business; from offices, ships, workshops and stores, encouraging our customers to do the same
  • Replace plastic cutlery, plates and straws with sustainably-sourced alternatives
  • Offer discounts on hot drinks to customers who use reusable mugs
  • Issue till receipts in cafes only on demand
  • Improve signage for recycling bins to help customers identify the right ones to use 
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Our commitments to the air

  • Use hybrid energy on Victoria of Wight and low sulphur marine gas oil on the rest of the fleet as economically as possible to reduce emissions
  • Adopt Portsmouth City Council’s ‘cough cough, engine off’ campaign through signage at our vehicle ports and on our ships to encourage drivers to turn off their engines when stationary
  • Promote the use of electric vehicles to customers and colleagues by providing high-speed EV charging at as many ports as possible 
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