5 Things To Take on a Coach Holiday

Packing. The one thing we all dread when it comes to going on a holiday. The word alone is enough to give the average traveller a headache and start asking all of the usual questions. How many pairs of shoes do I need to bring? Should I take a coat in case it rains? Should I stuff the entire contents of my living room into a small suitcase?

To help make this necessary evil a breeze, Norfolk-based tour operators Sunrise Direct (who offer a range of holidays and excursions around the Isle of Wight) have created a neat 5-point checklist to make sure you’ve got all of the essentials when heading out on your next coach holiday to the Island.

Besides plenty of comfortable clothes and footwear, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve packed:

1. A small notebook

No, this isn’t being recommended for you to jot down your travel diaries – although this would certainly be a great thing to do – it’s to help make sure you can keep on top of everything whilst you’re away.

It’s where you can keep a record of the tour guide’s recommendations, the local points of interest, and all the information relating to the hotel you’re staying at.

Most importantly, however, it’s for writing down where and when you need to be back on board the coach. Obviously, no one wants to be the person that keeps everyone waiting, and the humble notebook is a great tool to help avoid this awkward situation.

2. Money

Whilst this one might go without saying, there’s always a temptation to rely on plastic when travelling. You want to travel as light as possible.

It can’t be stressed enough, though, that having a few notes and loose change will make your coach holiday a whole lot easier.

You might, for example, find that certain shops around town don’t accept cards and you won’t be able to buy that perfect souvenir or gift for a loved one. Nobody wants to go through that ordeal.

3. Chargers

When enjoying a coach holiday, it’s highly likely that you’ll turn to your e-book or smartphone for some entertainment. Whilst the passing scenery is sure to take up most of your attention, there are going to be times when you want to get lost in a book or a movie.

Of course, you can only do these things if your devices have got enough juice in them. So, to avoid suffering a power outage right as things are getting good or being restricted to staring at the back of the seat in front of you, we’d recommend that you pack a charger to keep yourself nicely topped up.

4. Toiletries

When you’re spending long periods of time on a coach, you’ll want some amenities in which you can freshen up to make sure you’re always feeling good.

To save space in this department, it’s best to grab hold of some miniatures that won’t crowd your carryon luggage.

5. Your insurance policy

No one likes to think they’ll need to refer to their insurance policy when they’re supposed to be enjoying a holiday. This being said, the one thing worse than having to do this is not being able to do it in the unlikely event of an accident.

Best tucked away in a safe pocket of your personal handbag or backpack to ensure it’s on you at all times and isn’t at risk of being misplaced.

Apart from remembering to pack the obvious, with these five items, you’ll be able to leave the stress at home and enjoy your time away.

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