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Inspirational Islanders: Ben Stubbs, singer-songwriter

Born and raised on the Isle of Wight, singer-songwriter Ben learnt to play the guitar at a young age, honing his singing skills at Medina High School. His original songs combine pop, rock and country and are heavily influenced by great songwriters like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer. Ben’s debut album was released in May 2023 and has attracted global attention from the music press. Along with his band, Ben regularly performs at venues and events across the South Coast and beyond.

“There’s something really special about the Island. Something that encourages you to relax. A sense of calm you can’t find in many places. As an artist, and a creative person, being able to relax and let your mind make stuff with little sense of urgency is a huge part of being able to create something that’s honest and natural.

I think that’s why we have such an abundance of exceptionally talented, creative people here. An incredibly supportive community is also such a big thing for anyone attempting to push their art out into the world and the Island community is wonderful. People just support each other and they actually care. Of course, having a feast of really excellent pubs, bars and restaurants hosting regular live music is a major benefit to someone in my job!

Choosing my favourite Isle of Wight place is tough, but it’s got to be Ventnor Bay. It feels like you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean on a warm summer evening. Who needs a summer holiday abroad when you have that?

We’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, but Appley sticks out for me. A gorgeous, sprawling sandy beach, surrounded by trees and nature, in close proximity to some really great places to eat.

I used to love the walk from Ventnor through to Shanklin, through Devil’s Chimney and the Landslip. We’ve lost a lot of that very recently but we’re very fortunate to still have a lot of really amazing places to walk. Headon Warren out to the west is breathtaking. The views are incredible up there.

Little surprise here, but my favourite event has got to be the Isle of Wight Festival. We’re very lucky to host some brilliant events here on the Island but for me, as a huge music fan, it has to be the Festival. It’s such a great platform for our fantastic local music scene.

If I only had an hour on the Island, I’d go and see my grandad for a chat and a cuppa (or a beer). As a visitor though, I’d probably put on some great driving music and go for a drive out along the Military Road. I love that drive when the weather’s nice. Great for clearing your head and reminding you to appreciate the little things.”


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