Bill Ackroyd and Tim Marshall on a bus holding beers on the Isle of Wight

Inspirational Islanders: Bill and Tim, Beer & Buses

Bill and Tim join forces each year to help organise the popular Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer & Walks Weekend.

Tim: “I’m a semi-retired professional musician and as such spent a lot of time travelling. The Island is a wonderful place to come home to after working away.
Bill: I love the Island for the peace and quiet, and lack of traffic.

Tim: My favourite place on the Island has got to be the top of Culver Down. There are spectacular views, even when it’s dark (with the lights of Portsmouth)… and of course there’s a pub!
Bill: For me, the views along the Military Road are hard to beat.

Tim: I’d have to say Beer & Buses is my favourite Island event.
Bill: Agreed, it’s got to be Beer & Buses of course!

Tim: My fondest memory of growing up on the Island is beachcombing with my Dad and brother on what we used to call ‘Ladder Chine’ near Chale.

Bill: My earliest memory of the Island is coming on holiday to Sandown, staying at the Savoy House Hotel in 1956.

Tim: If I only had an hour on the Island, I’d probably go to the pub of course! I’m not brave enough to name one specifically.

Bill: I’d have a pint of Fuller’s ESB in King Harry’s Bar, Shanklin.”

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