Carol Court from Ability Dogs for Young People holding a dog on the Isle of Wight

Inspirational Islanders: Carol Court, Ability Dogs 4 Young People

Founded by qualified canine behaviourist Carol in April 2012, Ability Dogs 4 Young People train assistance dogs to enhance the independence of disabled young people and children living on the Isle of Wight.

“The Island is a great place, the people are friendly and always willing to help. When I started the charity, I was amazed how quickly everyone volunteered to help. I cannot imagine running a charity anywhere else.

I love the whole Island and the variety that is packed into such a compact area. There’s beautiful scenery, rural views, open sea, towns and villages. There’s a real feeling of community and so many pubs to choose from!

I am not really a great fan of beaches as I would rather walk on the downs or in the woods where it is more interesting for the dogs. My two favourite places for walking are Ventnor Down and Parkhurst Forest. I also love the area known as Windy Corner above St Catherine’s Lighthouse in Niton, especially the view out across the sea.

Not long after I moved to the Island I was walking up on Ventnor Downs with my dogs. It was a beautiful day and there was not another person in sight. I was pondering about how lucky I was to be able to enjoy walking in such an idyllic and peaceful place, when all of a sudden a voice shouted from behind me “answer the phone! answer the phone!”. I jumped around to see who was behind me. I had forgotten that I had just changed my phone’s ringtone and that was the first time it had rung!”

Ability Dogs 4 Young People is supported by Wightlink in the Community.

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