David Pontin from Platform One College in his studio in the Isle of Wight

Inspirational Islanders: David Pontin, Platform One

Set up by David and his brother Peter, Platform One is a not-for-profit, independent college of music, that specialises in high quality, contemporary music education and community music programmes.

“I truly believe that the Island is a place where you can create opportunities and I love the sea! This is such a positive and powerful combination. I grew up on the Island and went off to University, as there were no higher education options on the Island at that point. Having completed a four year degree, I came back to the Island for a weekend and ended up staying! The fact that you can finish work and 20 minutes later be taking the dog for a walk on a beautiful beach is seriously appealing… this is an actual reality!

My favourite beach has got to be Steephill Cove. I have always loved it. The walk through Ventnor Botanic Garden, down the crazy steps and there you are – the most amazing cove, steeped in history. It is so secluded and so relaxed. The walk back up seems to get harder though!

Appley at Ryde is a very close second to Steephill for walking. I live in Ryde and Appley is the absolute go to – amazing all year round. The only criticism is it takes two hours to find the sea on a low tide! This beach is as good as it gets and an evening swim in the summer is an absolute must.

My favourite place on the Island has to be Platform One College of Music (of course!). My brother and I set up Platform One 21 years ago and each year it evolves. We spend a lot of time here and absolutely love the fact that we are able to nurture so many incredible, talented and motivated young people – a true honour and a privilege. Be sure to check out Platform One’s social media for an insight.

I have fond memories of camping at Compton Farm every single summer with my brothers and friends in our teenage years. We would help on the farm in the morning to get a free pitch, then buy milk straight from the cows, have breakfast and set off to Compton beach and spend the days surfing, with beach parties in the evenings, watching the sun go down. Incredible memories. What a place!”

Platform One is supported by Wightlink in the Community.

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