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Inspirational Islanders: Marc Tuckey, The Isle of Wight Ghost Experience

With a passion for ghost stories from a young age and a natural theatrical flair, it could be said that self-confessed history buff Marc has found his ideal job. For the best part of 30 years, he has been guiding walkers around the Island’s haunted hotspots telling tales of murder, mystery and madness.

“The Isle of Wight is a fascinating place and one that draws people from near and far year on year to visit. For me, its foremost appeal has to be its underrated history. As a huge history buff, the Island has an array of historical treasures just waiting to be explored. I also love its beauty – even on gloomy and cloudy days there is a certain charm that hooked me in.

To name just one favourite Isle of Wight place is difficult as there are many historical places that draw my attention but my favourite spot has to be Tennyson Down. Every time I walk there I am reminded that I am walking in the footsteps of a literary great and the views across the Island and sea from the top are second to none, especially on a bright clear day.

Steephill Cove has always been a favourite of mine – I love all the little nooks and inlets. It makes you wonder what was witnessed on this beach all those years ago when the Island was rife with smuggling. It is such a quaint place and very peaceful.

Aside from Tennyson Down, Newtown has to be my ‘go-to’ place for walks. Its rich variety of wildlife, delightful vista and quiet nature make it an ideal place to clear the mind and relax.

The Island is so diverse in the events that it holds. The Garlic Festival is always a favourite of mine with its vast array of garlic-flavoured delights. I also enjoy the Isle of Wight Literary Festival and the chance to hear from our current writing greats.

If I only had one hour on the Isle of Wight, besides a ghost walk, I would definitely visit Yarmouth with its pretty harbour. It has a good mix of shops and some brilliant places to eat.”

🛈 The Isle of Wight Ghost Experience leads you through the darker side of the Isle of Wight. Head to Marc’s Facebook page to see when the next event is being held.

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