Skateboarder Martha Eggleton with her skateboard and helmet at an Isle of Wight skate park

Inspirational Islanders: Martha Eggleton, Skateboarder

Martha Eggleton is eleven years old and from the Isle of Wight. She started skateboarding at John Cattle’s Skate Club and that is where her love of skateboarding began.

Martha loves skateboarding and travels all over the country to skate and was very excited when Wight Trash asked her to join the team when she was only seven years old. She became the first skateboarder on the Isle of Wight Council’s Talented Athlete Scheme, which is supported by Wightlink in the Community, at the age of eight.

“I love the Island, it has an amazing skate community which pushes me to learn new things. It’s got some sick street spots.

I do go off the Island to practice a few times a week. After travelling with skateboarding I love coming back and playing on the beach and in the sea.

My favourite place has got to be John Cattle’s Skate Club for skating and learning. I also love Compton for the beach and surfing with my Dad.

The events I enjoy the most are Hullabaloo and Rhythmtree as there is so much stuff going on and also Wight Trash takes their ramps, so I get to do loads of fun skating.

My best memories so far are my first ever drop-in, which I managed at five – I was so excited, also when my brother was born and I first got to go and visit him at St Mary’s Hospital.”

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