Photographer Sienna Anderson with a camera sitting on a beach on the Isle of Wight

Inspirational Islanders: Sienna Anderson, Photographer

A full-time freelance photographer since January 2018, Sienna specialises in waterside and coastal photography and was nominated in The British Photography Awards 2020. She runs Capture Perfect with business partner Steve Brown, delivering photographic workshops and courses, as well as running a monthly photography club.

“The Island has been the perfect place to raise my family. The close network of contacts, friends and clients here always ensures a healthy regular workflow and the Island’s incredible beauty simply brings so much pleasure to me when I am working or relaxing.
I honestly can’t say I have one particular favourite place on the Island, various locations evoke different memories and feelings but I can say being on the beach is definitely my happy place.

My favourite Island event is the Round the Island Race. Being on the water is really important to me, the excitement and challenge of capturing the race is definitely one of my yearly photography highlights.

My fondest memories of growing up on the Island are without a doubt the time we spent as a family on the beach, this would be from fossil hunting to playing in the water during the hot summer holidays and always watching the sun going down.

If I only had an hour on the Island I would walk up to the Worsley monument at Wroxall. On a clear day, from here you can see the cliffs of Freshwater Bay to the west and the cliffs of Culver to the east. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. In just one hour, by being there you can see a huge percentage of the Island.”

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