Island Link Forum

Have your say on our services

We want to engage with a wide cross-section of our customer base from across the Isle of Wight to understand how we can further improve the service we offer. That’s why we’ve created the Island Link Forum – so we can hear from you, our customers.

The sessions run in-person three times a year at locations across the Isle of Wight. You can find out more about the Forum, and how you can attend, below.

We’re hugely grateful for the feedback we receive and look forward to seeing some of you at the next session.

Attending the Forum

Space is limited at our Island Link Forum locations so if you wish to attend a session, we ask that you register your interest using the forms in the dropdowns below when they become available (typically a month before the Forum date).

We will then ask you to confirm your attendance in the days ahead of the Forum.

Previous Island Link Forum sessions

Find the main talking points and meeting notes from previous Island Link Forum sessions below.

24 April 2024 | Yarmouth

  • Punctuality and reliability
  • 2024 winter timetable
  • Refits and port refurbishments
  • Connections with public transport
See meeting notes

7 December 2023 | Fishbourne

  • Multilink availability and flexibility
  • Cancellations
  • Connections with public transport
  • Lymington – Yarmouth timetables
See meeting notes

30 September 2023 | Fishbourne

  • Projects update
  • 2024 timetables
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • Healthcare travel
  • Our winter refit programme
See meeting notes

27 April 2023 | Yarmouth

  • Ferry prices and reliability
  • FastCat timetable changes
  • Projects and accessibility
  • Wightlink in the Community
See meeting notes

8 December 2022 | Fishbourne

  • Later evening FastCat sailings
  • Customer experiences
  • Plans for future sessions
See meeting notes

Punctuality and reliability

We take punctuality very seriously and strive to provide the most reliable ferry service possible. Each month, we’ll update the punctuality and reliability stats from all of our routes combined in the table below.

Reliability is measured as the percentage of scheduled ferries that sailed in a given period and punctuality is the percentage of ferries that sailed within five minutes of their scheduled departure time.

MonthReliability 2022Reliability 2023Punctuality 2022Punctuality 2023
Reliability 2023Reliability 2024Punctuality 2023Punctuality 2024

Service disruptions

In May 2024 (P2) , we had no cancellations between Lymington and Yarmouth, three cancellations on our Portsmouth – Fishbourne route and two between Portsmouth and Ryde.

Three cancellations were the result of crew shortages while two were down to mechanical breakdowns.


We are constantly making improvements to our service, facilities and ports. Alongside annual refits for our fleet of ferries (essentially an MOT and service), we regularly undertake sizable projects designed to improve your experience when travelling with us.

Below, you can find out more about two of our most recent pieces of work at Ryde Pier and Portsmouth Harbour.

Ryde Pier improvements

We’ve created a safer, more convenient route for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles on Ryde Pier with the introduction of a dedicated walkway on the previously unused tramway area.

The walkway is furnished with shelters and sits separately from the roadway, allowing vehicles and cyclists to travel up and down the pier away from pedestrians.

Explore Ryde Pier improvements

Portsmouth Harbour renovation

We recently completed an essential piece of work reconstructing our Portsmouth Harbour port after discovering problems with the structural beams beneath the building.

The £1.5 million project included renovating the port interior with improved toilet facilities, modern insulation and heating and a revamped Clipper Café.

Explore Portsmouth Harbour renovation

Wightlink in the Community

We’re dedicated to enriching life on the Isle of Wight through our Wightlink in the Community Scheme.

Through the program, we give travel support to various Island sports teams, athletes, charities and arts groups allowing them to compete and visit events on the mainland.

Wightlink in the Community

Accessible Travel and Blue Badge discounts

If you have a disability, reduced mobility, a medical condition or just need a helping hand, we’re here to help. Let us know in advance of your travel with us and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

Blue Badge, ENCTS Card or Disabled Persons Railcard holder? You can benefit from up to 25% off your crossing.

Accessible travel and Blue Badge discounts
Foot passenger with bicycle boards FastCat ferry

Discounted Fares Scheme

If you live on the Isle of Wight and meet the eligibility of a ‘low income’ household, you may be able to benefit from the Discounted Fares Scheme.

The program provides a fixed-price discounted fare for travel to the mainland by car, motorcycle or on foot.

Discounted Fares Scheme