Shanklin Theatre entrance at night

Shanklin Theatre

Shanklin Theatre is a popular year-round theatre, presenting top class amateur and professional acts across comedy, ballet, opera, plays, classical music and talks, alongside a summer season of music from the west end and an annual pantomime.

Initially known at The Institute and opened in back in 1879, the theatre has 140 years of history to be proud of, but it was after the end of World War Two that place seen today really came into its own with weekly plays and concerts. More recently, Shanklin Theatre has played host to Jimmy Carr, Al Murray, Chas and Dave as well as a whole host of local performers.

Based in the stunning seaside resort of Shanklin, the theatre is within easy reach of our Fishbourne port and only a few minutes walk from Shanklin Train Station

To see a full list of their upcoming events, visit the official Shanklin Theatre website.

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