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Wightlink in the Community: Sponsorship

Every year Wightlink sponsors a number of sporting teams and organisations with discounted travel.

Our primary objective for sponsorship is to enhance the quality of life on the Isle of Wight, particularly for young people (under the age of 18), by providing travel benefits.

Consideration will be given to youth sporting teams or organisations that support youth development on the Isle of Wight – to encourage participation, help them excel and, where applicable, travel to the mainland to compete or perform at events.

Wightlink £800k sponsorship

2020 applications

Our window for applications for community sponsorship in 2020 has now closed and will open again on 1 November 2020.


Individual athletes and performers

We are delighted to continue to support the Isle of Wight Council’s Talented Athlete Scheme and requests for individual athlete sponsorship must be made directly to the council’s sports unit. For more information, visit the Council’s Talented Athlete Scheme page. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from individuals


Alec Broome, Sports Development Officer at the Isle of Wight Council, said: “The Isle of Wight Council Sports Development team are pleased to be working alongside Wightlink to provide many of the Islands talented sports persons with vital travel support. The sponsorship Wightlink offers enables these sports persons the opportunity to train and compete at a level not accessible on the Island, regular competition and top level coaching is vital for any athlete to reach their full potential. Without the support of Wightlink many of these athletes would not have the opportunity to test their skills and see how far they can progress.”
Talented Athletes

Talented Athletes

To the men and women from the Isle of Wight dedicated to being the best in their sporting genre. Wightlink is proud and passionate in helping them reach their goals with the Talented Athletes Scheme. We wish them every success in the 2019 season.

Sporting teams

Sporting teams

The Isle of Wight’s sporting calendar is packed throughout the year with a large number of talented teams playing recreationally and competitively. Wightlink recognises the importance of this to Island life and is pleased to sponsor a wide range of activities.

Arts, Charities, Miscellaneous

Arts, Charities, Miscellaneous

The Isle of Wight has a vibrant visual and performing arts and music scene which is continuing to grow and develop. Wightlink is pleased to sponsor these arts and theatre companies. We also support a range of Isle of Wight and mainland charities with ferry crossings.

Who we support

Athlete Sport
Toby Atherton Sailing
Arthur Attrill Tennis
Jenny Ball Swimming
Poppy Bennet Dressage
Katherine Bright Shooting
Callum Buckley Rugby
Joe Carter Swimming
Grace Cockayne Underwater Hockey
Daniel Cox Cricket
Charlotte Despard Netball
Liz Dunlop Triathlon
Stuart Dyer Triathlon
Martha Eggleton Skateboarding
Finn Evans Sailing
Oliver Evans Sailing
Noah Evans Sailing
Daisy Faithfull Rowing
Emily Faithfull Rowing
Peter Farwell Triathlon
Freddie Fentum Squash
Mike Ferne Athletics
George Finan Rugby
James Fletcher Triathlon
Jan Fletcher Triathlon
Max Fletcher Rugby
Robyn Fossa Athletics
Steve Goodier Triathlon
Freddie Gurney Cricket
Amelie Haworth Squash
Harrison Hendy Cycling
Sophie Herbert Ice hockey
Naomi Holdsworth Athletics
Isabelle Honnor Badminton
Cameron Hook Sailing
Riley Horrix Rowing
Charlotte James Swimming
Glyn Jenkins Triathlon
Abigail Lacey Swimming
Zachary Lacey Swimming
Charlotte Laidler Flag football
Campbell Laird Athletics
Mabel Lewis Athletics
Ellie Lovett Athletics
Daniel Lythgoe Rugby
Nicholas Matthews Golf
Henry McLuckie Athletics
Charlie Metcalfe Athletics
William Mew Cricket
Oliver Morgan Cricket
Charlotte Morris Shooting
Imogen Moss Shooting
Shelly Moss Shooting
Kim Murray Bobsleigh
Peter Newlands Land sailing
Ciaran O’Gorman Squash
Nick Percy Athletics
Perron Phipps Shooting
Grace Poynter Swimming
Max Poynter Swimming
Matthew Reed Shooting
James Schofield Underwater hockey
Matt Sharp Athletics
Mia Stillwell Swimming
Joel Tarry Golf
Evie Taylor Athletics
Rory Taylor Cricket
Trish Train Athletics
Will Turrell Cricket
Joe Wade Athletics
Ethan Walters Rowing
Michael Waugh Athletics
Jake Webb Motocross
Zeph Wells Cricket
Richard Wilson Shooting

Wightlink in the Community

Our Facebook page ‘Wightlink in the Community’ celebrates the latest news and achievements of sports people and community groups we support on the Island.

Find out more

2019 Highlights

Wightlink-Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team

Members of Wightlink-Wight Mountain Cycle Race team take part in events on and off the Island, in road, track and off-road competitions.

“The key for us is getting off the Island to compete at events on a regular basis, without Wightlink’s support we simply wouldn’t be able to do this.”

“A notable success this year was Team Rider Matt Allsopp winning the 2019 Fat Creations Series held over three races at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Supported by fellow team riders James Veal and Lev Chant, Matt secured the points needed to take the title in this prestigious series.”

“The team would like to extend their thanks to Wightlink and look forward to a successful 2020!”

Wight Mountain Cycle Race Team

Joe Carter - Talented Athlete

Joe Carter – Talented Athlete

Joe is supported by Wightlink through the IW Council Talented Athlete scheme. He has had a very successful year, with highlights including becoming the fastest 13 year old in history for 50m freestyle in Hampshire and the South East of England. Qualifying for the English and British Nationals and returning with medals in the 50 freestyle and the 50 butterfly events.

Being selected by Swim England to be part of the National Development Programme where the best swimmers in the country are chosen to attend the talent pathway for international podium success.

But, Joe’s greatest achievement this year was competing in Gibraltar at the International Natwest Island Games and absolutely smashing all of his evets and gaining superb personal bests in every one of his races.

“Wightlink’s sponsorship through the Talented Athlete Scheme has been a massive help in allowing Joe to train and compete around the UK. One of the main costs of Joe’s swimming is all of the travelling between pools up and down the country but with Wightlink’s sponsorship it has allowed Joe to continue his remarkable progression in the sport which he loves and also stay living at his family home on the Isle of Wight.”

Wightlink Warriors and Wizards

2019 has been the best year for Isle of Wight Speedway on the track since the relaunch of the club in 2016. The Wightlink Warriors were just three points away from a playoff place and just five points the difference between 3rd and the Warriors 6th league position. The Wightlink Warriors finished 2nd to Stoke in the National League 4s with victory decided in the final race with Connor Coles of Stoke beating Warriors Georgie Wood by less that the width of a tyre. More success was to come with the Warriors winning the Silver Ski 4s beating Plymouth, Breem and Kent. All in all a brilliant season with the club hosting 20 Warrior speedway meetings and a round of the British 1000cc Sidecar speedway Championship won by Paul Whitelam and Richard Webb.

The Wightlink Wizards team, who are riders who use the Island’s Speedway School My First Skid, also had their best ever season – ending the season in the bronze medal position out of 8 teams. It is a truly wonderful performance when we consider that most of the riders have only been doing the sport for 2 years or so. The progress the riders have made in such a short space of time has been superb and we look forward to seeing how far we can take this team in the Midland and Southern Development League.

“Wightlink’s sponsorship of the Island’s speedway teams enable them to represent the Island across the UK, while ensuring that the Wightlink Warriors brand and style of staging speedway events ensure that fans of all clubs want to visit the island during the season. Without the help, guidance and support of Wightlink speedway would struggle to operate in the leagues and the Island would miss out on valuable “Island branding” across the UK and in the national media. All of us involved with the speedway recognise that value that Wightlink bring to us and I firmly believe that we are stronger together.”

Wightlink Warriors


Wightlink Warriors team

What our support means

Chris Slann – New Carnival Company

“Wightlink arts sponsorship has been vital to the work of the New Carnival Company over the past years. It has supported us to offer school and community groups the chance to host visiting artists from the mainland, Europe and Brazil which adds real value to our events like the Mardi Gras and All along the Riverbank. But more – it has allowed us to tour with our disability carnival group Alegria to many towns and cities showcasing the exceptional carnival work that is created on the Island. Even more – we are able to share our expertise and enthusiasm through a mainland programme of workshops and training opportunities. None of this would be possible without the wonderful Wightlink.”

New Carnival Company

Isle of Wight Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club

Isle of Wight Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club

“Despite not having an ice rink on the Island, the club is holding its own in the skating world with its teams regularly winning medals for their performances. As well as competing at national and international competitions, the skaters also work towards individual awards with members passing a total of 28 British Ice Skating accredited skating tests over the last year. None of this would be possible without the sponsorship Wightlink gives to our club skaters. It really does make the difference between skaters being able to continue in the sport they love or not. Without the support of Wightlink most parents would not be able to afford the travel as well as lesson costs, training costs, ice time costs.”

“In a nutshell without Wightlink our club would have ceased to exist when Ryde Arena closed three years ago, all of us at the Club from the Chair & Committee, Coach, Team Manager, Skaters & Parents are so grateful for the help that Wightlink gives us to get our skaters to ice.”

Ryde Rowing Club

“Wightlink sponsorship is critical to Ryde Rowing Club as without their support our program of mainland events in which we compete would be severally restricted. This is particularly relevant to us as the we have a 30ft boat trailer and minibus on which we transport our boats and equipment. The sponsorship is especially helpful and important to our Junior Squad – young people aged between 12 and 18 who make up the bulk of our competing athletes, the sponsorship allows them to compete on the mainland on equal terms with the mainland clubs.”

Ryde Rowing Club

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