Operating responsibly with our suppliers

Procurement at Wightlink

The Procurement team at Wightlink are responsible for sourcing the goods and services that the business requires and managing the associated supply chain risk in the UK.

On this page, you will find information and documents explaining how we manage our supply chain.

Sustainable procurement

Our procurement decisions can have major socio-economic and environmental implications, so it’s important that we thoroughly assess products or services before we purchase them.

  • We endeavour to choose products with recycled content and pay consideration to how products are disposed of at the end of their life.

  • Environmental credentials are considered when awarding contracts to suppliers

  • We ensure there are no barriers to entry, so that SMEs, local and regional businesses and ethnic minority businesses are encouraged to bid for work when appropriate

  • We will cease trading with suppliers who show a persistent disregard for environmental, social and ethical performance.

Our sustainable commitment

Download and read our Sustainability Procurement Policy to find out more about our plans to minimise the environmental impact of our operation.

Read our Sustainable Procurement Policy

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Download and read our Suppliers Code of Conduct, where we set out our expectations of suppliers.

Read our Suppliers Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Statement

Download and read a PDF version of our Modern Slavery Statement.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement

Basic Purchase Terms and Conditions

Download and read our Basic Purchase Terms and Conditions.

Read our Basic Purchase Terms and Conditions

'No PO, no pay' policy

We operate a ‘No purchase order,  no pay’ policy, therefore please do not accept requests for goods or services, or attempt delivery of goods and services, until you have received an official purchase order from us.

Any goods and services supplied without an official purchase order may not be paid for by Wightlink. Invoices received without referencing a valid purchase order will delay your invoice being processed and/or paid.


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