Charles Dickens’ Birthplace

On 7 February 1812, Oliver Twist author Charles Dickens was born right here in Portsmouth and is remembered in his birth home, now named Charles Dickens’ Birthplace.

Despite moving away from the city, the furniture, ceramics, glass, household objects and decorations have been re-created to favour the Regency style that Charles’s parents liked. There are a total of three furnished rooms in the house; the parlour, the dining room and the bedroom where Charles was born.

There is an exhibition room featuring Charles and Portsmouth, alongside a small collection of memorabilia including the couch on which he died in his house in Kent.

Some of the major works of Charles Dickens include:

  • Oliver Twist, 1837
  • A Christmas Carol, 1843
  • Bleak House, 1852
  • A Tale of Two Cities, 1859

This author is remembered in the perfect way, in his childhood home at the heart of Portsmouth, only a 15 minute drive from our Portsmouth Gunwharf port.

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