Travel advice

Travel advice

If you’ve never travelled on a ferry before, we understand that the thought of getting on a boat and sailing across the Solent could make you nervous.

You might also find the prospect confusing – how and where do you check in? If you’re bringing a car, how do get it on the ferry? What do you do if you want to bring your dog?

We want to make your Isle of Wight ferry travel as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some handy ‘how to’ guides for ferry travel on foot, by car, with your pet and with children.

If you have accessible travel needs, such as requiring a wheelchair or needing to park near a lift, we’ve put together some travel tips for you, too.

Cars board St Faith ferry

Travelling by car

Not sure what to expect when you catch a Wightlink ferry? Get clued up on the check in process, boarding the ferry and disembarking on the other side.

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Foot passengers in FastCat tunnel

Travelling on foot

Find out what it’s like to travel with us on foot, including the check in process, boarding and disembarking on the other side.

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Dogs on board Wightlink's St Faith ferry

Travelling with your pet

You can bring your pet on board free of charge and we’ve got designated pet areas on board each of our car ferries.

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Kids play in play area on board Wightlink's Victoria of Wight ferry

Travelling with children

Your family vacation starts on the ferry. We’ve excellent facilities for kids, so get some tips on making the most of family ferry travel with Wightlink.

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Accessible travel

If you have a disability, reduced mobility, a medical condition or just need some extra help, you can rely on us to make sure your journey meets your needs.

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