Meet our fleet

Wight Ryder I

Wight Ryder I

Along with our other FastCat, Wight Ryder II, she is our quickest ferry, getting foot passengers to and from the Isle of Wight in just 22 minutes. She entered service on 29 September 2009.

Both vessels work as a team to provide a regular FastCat service across the Solent.

Facilities on board

Wight Ryder I has a number of facilities on board including toilets, a dedicated bike storage area, priority seating for passengers who require accessible travel and a sun deck.

Sun deck

Soak up the views of the Solent on board our FastCats. Our sun deck aboard Wight Ryder I will allow you to see all the sights on your journey to or from the Island.

Bike storage

Take your bike across the Solent. We have storage space for up to 20 bicycles on our FastCats.

Spacious lounge

Make the most of our well-ventilated and spacious passenger lounge with high standards of cleanliness.

Did you know?

Our third generation

Wight Ryder I and II are not our first catamarans. In fact, they are our third generation of high-speed FastCats to operate on the Portsmouth – Ryde route.

Where is she registered?

Wight Ryder I is registered under the UK flag in Portsmouth.

How long is she?

She has a length on 39.5 metres. That’s about seven-tenths the height of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

When and where was she built?

Wight Ryder I was built in 2009 in Cebu, Philippines.

What is her passenger capacity?

Wight Ryder I can hold 260 passengers at a time.

What is her bicycle capacity?

She can hold 20 bicycles at a time.

Routes sailed

Portsmouth Harbour – Ryde Pier Head

22 minutesFoot passenger ferry

If you’re travelling on foot, Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head is our quickest route, crossing the waters between the Isle of Wight and mainland in just 22 minutes.  

Our reliable, high-speed FastCat catamarans serve this route and come with spacious passenger lounges, bicycle racks and a sun deck, perfect for taking in the views during the day. 

Check our TripAdvisor page to see what others have said about this route.

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View the Portsmouth Harbour – Ryde Pier Head route
Wightlink Fastcat catamaran at Ryde Pier Head

Meet the rest of the fleet

Victoria of Wight

Victoria of Wight

Vehicle and foot passenger ferry

The biggest ferry in our fleet – running on hybrid energy, bringing a new, greener era of travel between the Isle of Wight and the mainland. 

View the Victoria of Wight

St Clare

Vehicle and foot passenger ferry

Our second-largest ferry, St Clare is capable of two-tier boarding and comes with a wide range of facilities.

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St Faith

Vehicle and foot passenger ferry

Our eldest member of the fleet, St Faith continues to serve the Portsmouth – Fishbourne route, providing a relaxing journey across the Solent.

View the St Faith

Wight Sun

Vehicle and foot passenger ferry

As one of our Wight Class ferries, Wight Sun serves our Lymington – Yarmouth route and, when required, our Portsmouth – Fishbourne route.

View the Wight Sun

Wight Sky

Vehicle and foot passenger ferry

Serving our Lymington – Yarmouth route, Wight Sky is one of our Wight Class vehicle ferries.

View the Wight Sky

Wight Light

Vehicle and foot passenger ferry

One of our Wight Class vehicle ferries, Wight Light serves our Lymington – Yarmouth route.

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Wight Ryder II

Foot passenger ferry

Our second high-speed FastCat, getting you across the Solent in just 22 minutes.

View the Wight Ryder II