Wight Sun

Wight Sun

Wight Sun is one of three Wight Class ferries in our fleet. Along with Wight Light and Wight Sky, she is one of the newer members – entering service on 25 May 2009.

Facilities onboard

Wight Sun hosts a wide range of facilities including a Wight Taste outlet serving locally-sourced hot and cold food and drinks, lifts, toilets and baby changing facilities, outside sun deck and dog-friendly areas.

At our outlets and vending machines, please pay using contactless or chip and pin, either with a bank card or Google or Apple Pay – cash is not being accepted.

Outside sun deck

Wight Sun gives passengers the opportunity to see the sights of the Solent with its outside sun deck.

Food and drink

We have a wide variety of hot and cold food and drink options available in our Wight Taste outlet.

Plenty of seating

Make the most of our well-ventilated and spacious passenger lounges, with plenty of seating.

Routes sailed

Lymington – Yarmouth

40 minutesVehicle and foot passenger ferry

This route gives you both breath-taking views and the utmost convenience. It’s the fastest way to take your vehicle across the Solent, with crossing times of just 40 minutes on one of our spacious, well-equipped ferries. 

The route will take you through the mouth of Lymington River and past Hurst Castle on a beautiful journey, which will set you up perfectly for your trip ahead. 

Check out our TripAdvisor page and see what others have said about this route.

View the Lymington – Yarmouth route
Wightlink ferry departs Lymington port, Hampshire

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Did you know

In June 2008

Wight Sun was launched at Kraljevica, Croatia by local schoolgirl, Stefani Nadoh and entered service in spring 2009.

Where is she registered

The Wight Sun is registered under the UK flag, in London.

How long is she

Wight Sun has a length of 62 metres. That’s about three-fifths as long as a football pitch.

When and where was she built

Wight Sun was built in 2008, in Croatia.

What is her passenger capacity

Wight Sun can hold 359 passengers at a time.

What is her vehicle capacity

Wight Sun can hold 65 vehicles at a time.

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