Multilink Vehicle Passes

Regular traveller discounts with Multilink

Multilink Vehicle Passes are for Isle of Wight residents and homeowners only

Our Multilink Vehicle Passes are designed to save you money if you travel regularly to the mainland using your car or motorcycle. You can bulk purchase from 10 to 60 single crossings for as little as £27.75 per sailing.

Multilink Pass10 Singles20 Singles40 Singles60 Singles
Car / Van (standard)£355.00 £35.50 per sailing£660.00 £33.00 per sailing£1,270.00 £31.75 per sailing£1,665.00 £27.75 per sailing
Car (oversized)£460.00 £46.00 per sailing£872.00 £43.60 per sailing£1,654.00 £41.35 per sailing£2,178.00 £36.30 per sailing
Motorcycle£186.00 £18.60 per sailing£353.00 £17.65 per sailing£678.00 £16.95 per sailingn/a
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Trailer prices

When you make a booking using your Multilink Vehicle Pass, you can add a trailer on for a set fee. Low trailers (up to 2.24 metres tall) are £35.25 each way and high trailers (over 2.24 metres tall) are £50.25 each way.

You’ll be asked to pay for your trailer after you have processed your Mulitlink payment.

  • Convenient, pre-paid vehicle travel that’s valid on all sailings (subject to availability) on our Fishbourne – Portsmouth and Yarmouth – Lymington routes

  • Book your sailings, top up your pass and manage your account through the Wightlink app or online

  • No booking or amendment fees

Things you should know
  • Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase or top up

  • Up to seven passengers (including the driver) may travel in the same vehicle. Up to two passengers (including the rider) may travel on the same motorcycle.

  • Your Multilink Vehicle Pass is valid if you’re travelling in the vehicle, you don’t have to be the driver

  • You can register a second and third passenger on a Multilink Vehicle Pass if they live at your address. Second and third named passholders do not have their own account, however, and will have to use the main passholder's account to make bookings.

  • The number of spaces allotted on each sailing to Multilink Vehicle Pass advance bookings may be limited

You can buy your Multilink Vehicle Pass online. Follow the link below and choose your pass – you’ll need to upload proof of your Isle of Wight residency using our online form.

Please provide a scanned or photographed driving license, utility bill, or council tax bill in your name showing an Isle of Wight address.

You can then download your pass onto the Wightlink app. If you want a paper ticket, contact us with the pass number and we’ll send you one.

When you travel, you may be asked to provide ID – a photo driving licence, passport or HM Forces ID card is acceptable.

If you’d like to top up an existing pass with the same number of journeys that you previously purchased – 20 singles, for example – then you don’t need a new Multilink Pass. You can top it up online in the ‘Your account’ section and through the Wightlink app.

Unfortunately, once youve purchased a Multilink Passenger Pass, it cannot be upgraded to a different number of journeys. For example, a pass of 20 may only be topped up with another pass of 20. To get a different level of journeys, youll need to purchase a new pass.

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Check-in rules

  • Arrive between 30 minutes and one hour before your scheduled departure time

  • If you arrive up to two hours late, we’ll try to accommodate you on the next available crossing when there is space to do so

Online booking or amendmentCall centre booking or amendmentCustomer Service Point booking or amendment
Booking feeFreeFreeFree
Amendment feeFreeFreeFree


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